Microbusiness Marketing Magic

Get unstuck and stop procrastinating. Fear can be a game-stopper. 

Banish the disappointment of not being able to get your business off the ground -- it's too early to give up.  Now is your time for success!

Move from working on your business part time to full time and become that successful entrepreneur that you dream of.

In this workshop you'll learn:

To identify your ideal customer

To rid yourself of self-limiting beliefs

How to talk about what you do in a way that promotes curiosity from potential customers

At the end of six weeks you will:

·        Market with confidence

·        People who need your service will get to use it

·        Grow your business

·        Make money

·        Break the 9-5 routine

·        Have control over your schedule


You are not doing anything wrong and you can do better with information and practicing new skillsll

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