Manifestation Mastery 

Create the Life of Your Dreams


Change your life using this 10 module course.


Do you ever feel there's more to life?  Ever feel like you're just existing?  Wouldn't you love to unleash your ability to manifest consciously and begin living your very best life, now? Are you ready to release lack?

What if the state of suffering became a thing of the past? What if you could change your opportunities and experiences and create a life of ease?  Would you do it?

What if you could retire early? Travel? Give back to your community or make the world a better place? 

If you're like me, I've had some very profound things happen in my life -- both superb and devastating. Back in 2005, I began working with a coach who taught me the basics of manifesting and it changed my life. I went from being a single mother, struggling with finances to making a six figure salary in a Fortune 500 company. And I continue to manifest. It is a process that never ends. My life gets better and better, and I want that for you too. 

The process is not intuitive, though, there are steps involved. We have never been told the truth -- that we are able to deliberately create our life.  I'm telling you the truth right now.

You are a beautiful, creative, magical being and when you begin to live according to the guidance in this course you will THRIVE!

For only $247 you'll learn techniques, tools, strategies and get resources to redesign your life and erase those pitfalls and set-backs that result in self-doubt, anxiety and disappointment. 

Click below to begin living your best life right now. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee:  I am confident that you'll love this course, but in the event that you aren't fully satisfied I will gladly refund your money. Simply email me with your refund request, no questions asked. 

You will receive modules 1-3 initially. Please note, this guarantee is void if the refund is not requested within 30 days of purchase or prior to requesting modules 4-10.

Manifestation Mastery Design 

You'll get 10 lessons of guided practice in the art of manifesting intentionally, PLUS you'll get:


  • Recordings of two BONUS events

  • Access to the members only Manifestation Mastery Facebook group where you'll get new tools and inspirational goodies and support on your new adventure

  • A manitestation exercise guide

  • Worksheets for each class

  • A special gift

  • AND a complimentary coaching session with me valued at $250.


By taking this course, you will see transformations in your life that you could not have imagined. And you'll have a family of fellow creators to share your transformation with and more than that --you'll have the knowledge and tools to make your life better and better.

I was looking forward to taking this class and it didn't disappoint. I have grown personally and professionally as a result of this course. I got a raise and feel my relationship has gone to the next level. I see the world with new eyes. Thank you, Lorraine, for this great and transformative experience.                          --AH

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